Friday, April 3, 2009

One Redeeming Redemption

Ever gotten screwed over on a Redemption card? Yeah, so have I. Ever get a 2 for 1 deal on a Redemption card? Yeah, neither had I. That is until last week when 3 months after I received the first Kevin Smith Leaf Certified Patch Auto #/5, I received a second one.

As most know, on the Donruss redemption website when they send out your card, they update your case as closed and it gives you a date of when it was sent. When I received the first Smith 3 months ago it came out of the blue; a beautiful gift from the Redemption Magician. I never got the notice on my account saying that it had been sent. So you can imagine the surprise when I got it in the mail.

Well 2 weeks ago I got that update. I actually figured that they had discovered that they never updated that case and just closed it out. But when I went to look, it actually had a new delivery confirmation number next to it. And last week it showed up in my mailbox.

So here I sit on this moral dilemma. You see, this card is actually someone else’s. Someday in the future, someone may redeem their card only to find that there isn’t one. Then a few months later they will receive one sweet Malcolm Kelly Auto. I understand that this will probably never happen, but the fact is that it may. So what do I do?

In my mind, my options are as follows:

A) Contact Donruss and explain the situation and most likely end up sending the card back; clearing both my conscience and my small victory from the books

B) Sell / Trade it immediately to get it out of my hands in case the error is recognized and to maximize my paypal account

C) Hold it for a while after posting this, giving Donruss ample opportunity to come for it if they want. Which would mean that someone there either reads or was forwarded my blog. In that case, I could possibly hold them hostage for some contest wax to open here for contests. Or more likely, hold their card until the cops come and take it.

D) I can spare them the inevitable industry crippling embarrassment at having sent someone a 2-fer on a Redemption and quickly take down this post and act like I have no idea it ever happened.

E) Bronze it and proudly display it as living proof that the ‘Man’ can’t keep you down 100% of the time

F) Send it to get graded by BGS to increase its Awesomeness Factor by 1000 and then list it on EBay for $10,000 because I can.

I realize that for most people out there, this isn’t much of a dilemma at all. These companies put out so many redemptions every year (many of which have no chance at ever being signed/redeemed) that to come out ahead on one is a bonus. And that is fine to feel that way. At the end of the day, I may end up right there with you. But it makes for great fodder nonetheless.

So let’s hear what you would do. I am going ahead and putting Gellman down for option ‘F’.


  1. Dude, option F all the way.

    Though, the thing is, the card isnt THAT amazing of a pull, and you may win some friends over at big DLP if you send it back. However, it was their mistake, so im not sure.

  2. I would contact them and let them know. The decision will be theirs, but if they want you to send it back on your dime then either:

    (a) Ask them to send you a pre-postage paid envelope
    (b) Ask them to compensate you in some way for the time and cost it takes you to correct their error

    My guess is they will just tell you to keep it. Also I don't think anyone will get screwed because it is my guess that they usually hold 1 of those back from being packed out anyway in case of damage in being sent out for a replacement.

  3. I say contact them and let them know what happened and see what they want you to do. Just because the card companies do stupid things like insert redemption cards that they can never hope to fill or put ridiculously short redemption periods on their cards (topps finest redemptions), doesn't mean you should stoop to their level. Send them a quick email and your conscience will be clear.

  4. I have actually been planning on contacting them. You can probably tell by the order of options. I was just curious what the consensus was. I sold the first one on SCForum for $60 when I first got it.

    It's not really about the quality of card as it is about the bizarre nature of the situation. I think Hitters right though. They will probably let me keep it. They probably don't have a process for returning items in this manner.

    But I am surprised by the lack of people telling me that I am crazy for considering contacting Donruss. Maybe I have sold my readers short. . . . nah.

  5. Gellman outside of AP he thinks everyone sucks in the division lol. Forte bad, Smith bad :)

    Keep it. believe me if they didn't have it and sent a crap one you would be screwed. Not sure why you would even contact them.


  6. I love options E and F ! I dunno Like everyone IV'e gt my own Redemtion nightmares going on and ongoing as we speak working close to a year now! I'd hate to see another person get screwed but I'll bet that card does'nt even end up in the right hands at the other end if you send it back! as someone said they probably woudld not know WTF to do with a redemtion they actually got sent out! coming back to them could you imagine the confusion and chaos you would create for them? ( wait maybe you should send it back) just to confuse the hell out of them! Kidding sort of.... Grant old school pack buster