Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hope and Change - Part Deux

Exactly 2 months ago today, I posted about how in this economy we can expect the instances of fakes and forgeries to exponentially increase due to the desperation that some people feel in their wallet.

As an example I used what was at the time, the worst fake Matt Ryan I had ever seen.

I now stand corrected.

What you see before you is an all-time new low in the ever-growing dungeon of douche-bags.

THIS GUY takes the cake. Not only is an obvious fake, but it's a bad one at that. My son could do better Ryan auto by smearing a booger.

To make is worse is that he slyly advertises it in the auction as "2008 SP Rookie Threads Matt Ryan Super Swatch auto /175", but then somehow forgets to mention the fact that it is autographed in the detailed description.

He does however point out that it has some minor chipping, so bid at your own risk.

What are these people smoking? Probably the same thing that the people are that actually bid on these things. No matter how obvious, someone ALWAYS buys it. Hopefully though it's just to display them in a Smithsonian type case to show kids from all over the world the effects on your brain after watching too much Yo-Gaba-Gaba.


  1. Horrible. It's hilarious that he didn't even manage to fit in the entire fake auto. That M is just way too huge.

  2. He probably should have tried this with a Chris Johnson first.