Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paninuss Update

Well that was fun. Wasn't the greatest box in the world, but it was free and I have no complaints. Here are the goods:

Gifford #9 / 25 (anyone know if this jersey was made in one of his wife's sweat-shops?)

Tomlinson #11 / 50

Curtis Lofton Auto #610 / 999

Mendenhall Event Worn Jersey (Possible Amos Zereoue Throwback?) #7 / 50

J.D. Booty Event Worn Jersey (possible Spergon Wynn throwback?) and ball #152 / 250

Thanks again to Paninuss and specifically Yesica at their Customer Service Department for doing a really cool thing here. They didn't have to do anything. All I asked was for them to send a SASE so I didn't have to supply shipping. Now everyone is happy, including the person who sends in that redemption for a Kevin Smith Auto Patch #/5 and actually receives their card.


  1. Honesty pays off. I pulled a redemption for a Chris Davis auto #ed 374 from 07 Elite Edition. When I finally got the card I noticed it was numbered to 50. I called customer service, and arranged to return the card. I not only received my redemption I also received a Jarrod Parker auto as well.