Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Someone's About To Be Pissed

One of these auctions is about to piss someone off something fierce. Notice anything similar?

Ryan/McFadden #1

Ryan/McFadden #2

My money is with Wolverine. While I do have some reservations about the way some of his auctions go (ie. consistantly selling for significantly more than comperable cards), I have never seen him straight out lie about a scan.

Either way, someone is going to be pissed when they get the card in the mail. This will be fun to wait for the feedback. Or to wait for that police report about another '87 Topps beatdown.

I haven't run into this with any other cards other than Sterling. I won an auction for a Jonathan Stewart Gold 3 color patch auto a couple months ago. After paying the guy, I noticed that there was another auction had the same scan. I emailed him and asked for an exact description of the card he was sending me. He said it was a single color black jersey piece. I proceeded to rip his tail about his auction picture and he quickly refunded the money.

What was he expecting? That I would get the card in the mail and say, "Geez. Them the breaks." That's the most ridiculous part of it all. There are recourses that you can take on paypal to rectify these types of scabs. Melbournecowboy found that out last week.

Anyone else with this experience?


  1. jeez...that is sad....you can tell the card pic is the same....how the hell did that happen?

  2. It happens because people are too lazy to check on it. I would bet a million that this isn't the first time he has done it.