Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sterling Gold Update

The card you see to the left is the lone remaining piece to my 08 Sterling Gold Patch Auto Set. It's the Matt Ryan #2/20.

It is also currently on EBay. And it can be mine for the small price of $300.

Yeah, you heard me. My Flacco 3 color was had for half that amount. Shoot, the Flacco / Ryan dual patch I got for nearly 25% less.

But it is his card. And legitimately he can ask for any amount he wants for the card. It's more the reasoning behind the price that had me puzzled.

I offered him $180 so I could finish my set, expecting a counter of some kind. What I got was decline notice without explanation. A real peeve of mine. So I emailed him asking what ballpark he was thinking as I was very interested in completing my set. Shall we dissect the response? Of course we shall. Red emphasis mine:

Dear ah999,The card books at $300 (UGH. Right out of the gate)....I understand that most cards dont sell at book value (Then why mention it?) but at the end of the season Matt Ryan was selling pretty close to book. Hell, some of his high end cards today are selling close to book. (Still looking for the relevancy of this comment. The Sterling Market has been established for months) The card is also #2 of 20. You know as well as I do that that adds more value to the card being that it is Matt Ryan. (Jersey # Inflation of $100 seems steep)Someone like Ray Rice maybe not but you know that the jersey numbered card of a star sells for a lot more than a regular one. (why crap on the Rice family? Just unnecessary) The card is also in absolutely mint condition. If I can't get at least $300 for the card then I would probably just keep it. I know the card will triple in value over the next few years if Matt Ryan does what everyone thinks he will do....look at Adrian Peterson. (This is possibly the most ignorant thing I have ever read. Someone PLEASE show me a Peterson card that has Tripled since his rookie year. In fact, Peterson was so inflated his rookie year that it will take a years of herculean efforts to make it grow in substantial value. If anyone thinks that buying big name rookies at really high prices will consistently if ever bring a premium upon resale is fooling themselves) I am a big Matt Ryan fan and have like 80 different rookies and stuff of him. I know you probably dont want to hear this but if you are looking to get a good deal you should probably wait for another one to come around.(Not looking for 'good deal', I would pay over market for it to complete the set, but just not 35% more)...I would love to sell it to you for the $180 so you could fill your set but the card is worth a lot more.(The word worth is funny. I'd love to hit him on it, but I can't distinguish if he means worth more to him, or worth more on the market. The true market worth for this specific card will be established at the end of auction)....thanks...

I guess the set will go a bit longer without the Ryan. This patch sucked anyway. I'd pay $250 for a 3 color. I really would. Oh well. At least I know that it will be forever in the hands of a true 'Matt Ryan fan' who now has 'like 81 different rookies and stuff of him'. Which is good.


  1. I think it's interesting that he'd love to sell it to you for $180 but he actually wouldn't love to sell it to you for that much.

  2. Groat- it like telling a homeless man you'd help but don't want to break a 20.

  3. You can tell he spent a few hours trying to craft the "perfect" response to your offer. I bet you he is a used car salesman or something like that.

    Regardless, your 08 Sterling Gold Patch Auto collection is AWESOME! Is there any reason in particular that you chose to collect the gold parallel set over the other available alternatives?

  4. Mike, good question. One I ask myself every day. Sounds like a topic of a new post! Stay tuned.