Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Someone's Going To Be Pissed! *Update!

So I began looking at these two auctions again a minute ago and noticed something about the scans.
Here is Wolverines:And here is squig0u812: Notice anything? It looks to me like our Canadian friend squigi cropped the scan to take the ebay camera logo off the scan.

I felt at this point that I should ask him about it. I asked if he knew that there was another auction up at the same time with the same scan. Then asked if it was his or was he using someone elses stuff. I got back this:

"Someone elses scan till my scanner gets fixed, which should be thursday"

I'm sorry, what? Did you say that in your auction description? Are you in such a rush to sell this card that you couldn't wait until Thursday? So I asked him for a description. I get this:

"Mine also has a 2 clr patch/McFadden and 3 clr/Ryan. corners are mint and card is in mint condition as well. I will change the picks as well as soon as I get my scanner back."

So now the card is 5 colors instead of the 4 he describes in the scan.

Beware of this guy. He could be telling the truth, who knows. But what I do know is that anyone who steals a scan and doesn't say so on the item description shouldn't be trusted.


  1. Sounds sheisty as hell. Judging by his feedback, I feel it's safe to say he actually has one of these cards. However, no freaking way I'd pay that much for a card without actually seeing what I'm getting.

  2. technically couldnt this auction get shut down by ebay....due to it being the exact same picture?? its obvious that the canadian counterpart pic is a cropped pic...jeez...what crap.