Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Paid More? This Guy!!

This comparison is an interesting study in the habits of the impulse buyer.

I am assuming that this person is either a fan of USC. I say this because even the most ineffective prospector wouldn’t spend $40+ on a Sage Auto and expect to turn it into anything but “guaranteed auto” in a retail grab-bag. So I decided to pair this Mark Sanchez Sage Auto against another USC QB, Matt Cassel.

Yes, I know that he didn’t throw a pass there, but he did go there. And like any set of fans, they claim him as their own as soon as he does something good. Very similar to UNC fans and Willie Parker.

Here are the results:

Mark Sanchez Sage Auto = $46.56
Matt Cassel Contenders Auto = $46

Needless to say, I sit in awe at the absurdity of this comparison.

I won’t even go into the fact that the Sanchez will be selling for half this much in about 8 weeks. Gellman already did a fine enough job of that. Fact is that you do not make money on Sage or Press Pass for that matter unless you buy a box and pull a big name early in the game and then sell it while it has no competition.

Besides that, what exactly has Sanchez done to justify putting this value on his Sage Auto? No championships. No Heisman trophy. No Davey O'Brien award. Nothing. He put up good numbers in a system that has produced 2 recent Heisman winning QB’s who between them own 0 playoff wins in the NFL. Nothing is telling me that he will be any different.

Now Cassel is different. In my opinion, $45 for his Contenders rookie auto is a steal. Other than his SP Authentic auto, it’s by far the best looking rookie auto he has. Also, he has proven he can throw the ball and he is the automatic starter in KC next season. Yeah, I know that he didn’t win a playoff game either, but that wasn’t on him. The Patriots problem wasn’t scoring points, it was getting scored on. That’s what happens when you have Six Flags Spokesmen at the heart of your Defensive unit.

Personally, I think his cards’ values have a much higher ceiling than we are witnessing now. If he starts out well, which I think he will, you could see this Contenders auto double pretty quickly. He is the first real QB that KC has been able to get excited about since Elvis Grbac.

If you are a USC fan and have $45 to spend, why choose the Sanchez? Buy the Cassel, then wait 8 weeks and get the Sanchez for under $20. Then you’ll have money left from you allowance to pick up this Sage auto of another USC QB.


  1. I dont think either Sanchez nor Cassel will be any good. Cassel is with KC, who is dreadfully awful, and Sanchez will either be with SF, in the same position, or with NY who is a tad better. He will sit a year in both situations, due to Thigpen and whomever the Jets go with, and even after that its going to be a while. I didnt go after Ryan or Flacco because of that reason, but they were okay without the year. Its just never feasible to go after QB prospects unless you are a team or player collector.

  2. I understand your points, but I think Cassel has a shot. He's got experience behind Brady and behind center. Plus I don't think KC is that terrible. New leadership means a lot for the offense and Thigpen put up decent numbers last year under Edwards. A feat in itself that is praiseworthy. They have an established #1 in Bowe and a decent running game with either LJ or J. Charles.

    Ryan is the real deal. Flacco is still a question mark for me. The Ravens Def. drive that offense with field position and such. He can also take risks knowing that the Def. will back him up. Ryan didn't have that luxury.

  3. WOW is all I say! Nice comparison.
    AS for the 2 they both would start over anybody the Vikings had so they can't be that bad or the VIkes are in fact just that bad .


  4. I am aiming to do a Sage Rosenfels sometime.

  5. pm me whan that happens :)