Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sterling Gold Update - Its real and its Spectacular

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have taken on the task of putting together the 08 Sterling Gold Patch Auto set. Well Monday morning I received the jewel of the set from SportsCardForums's Professor-Chaos:

I wanted to give a quick plug for this guy. I have done around 10 deals from our friends in Canada over the years with various success. For some reason the Post Office works better from here to Albania than it does from Canada. I've had mail take over 6 weeks to get here or there. But being a large deal, Professor-Chaos sent this UPS and it was in my hand in 10 days. Just awesome service on his part.

I am now just 2 cards short of this set. The Matt Ryan #/20 and the Brian Brohm #/20. Any help finding these 2 cards will certainly involve a freebie from me.

I know these cards don't necessarily fit my mold of a perfect auto by any means. But for some reason, I love Sterling Golds. Maybe it's the stock, or the sheen, or the smell. Or maybe it's because I swear that Felix looks like he just wants to be my friend, but CJ wants to rob me on the same card. I don't know. But I love em, so shoot me. Just kidding CJ.


  1. Man, that's a pretty incredible card. Super patches too.

  2. sweeeet card. and yeah, living in Canada is a bitch. I love my post office, really I do. All of the sled dogs get presents from me every xmas.

  3. Cap - I hope they reciprocate.

    And I don't really know which side of the border the problem lies. I just know that it literally takes forever. Thats why I always wondered about the mail-order pharmacy stuff. By the time your drug got to your door, you would be fertilizer.