Monday, February 16, 2009

Why 'Cardboard Reflux'?

I thought for a while about what to call my blog. Longer than I would like to admit. I went through names like, 'Waxing Prophetic', 'GridIroning Board' and even 'Event-Worn Blog'. But at the end of the day, I went with one that actually describes why I decided to start a blog in the first place; the unenviable purge that occurs in my gullet on a regular basis when taking part in this hobby.

I have a lot of experience with reflux actually. I am getting scoped in a few weeks to see if the reason for the late night heartburn I have been experiencing is routine or if its collateral damage from my rapid ascending testicles the night Larry Fitzgerald kicked my Panthers out of the playoffs. Either way, it sucks.

But in the hobby specifically, I have been growing increasingly frustrated at what I consider to be injustices via ignorance. Traders that won't trade. Sellers that won't counter. Overinflated self-worth. Beckett Arrogance. Crap Products. Manufacturing Shortages. All of these leave me wondering not only how askew our hobby has become, but also how understated the lasting effects of glue-sniffing really are.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this hobby immensely. It is because of this that I write this blog. It gives me an avenue to express what I am feeling, and gives my Mom a chance to leave a comment on it.

Hopefully what you'll find here is a place to share similar, or opposing opinions and then get made fun of for them, but not realize that you're getting made fun of because I will mask it with unbreakable codes such as, 'lol' or ;).

So welcome and let's have fun.

Oh, and before I close my first post, I also want to thank Gellman for the inspiration. Please consider me a twig on what is a growing SCU tree.

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  1. I like the blog name and I love the banner, but...

    It's not to late to change the name to "rapid ascending testicles"

    It wouldn't make much sense but I'd sure get a kick out of it. And, I doubt I'd be the only one.