Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Paid More!

This will be the first in what I hope to be a running segment here on Cardboard Reflux. I will take a couple of cards ending on the same day and compare their ending auction prices. Then I will then use these as examples of how crazy some people are on Ebay. Most of these will most likely be obvious, but who knows, I might surprise you with a subtle steal once in a while. Today's is no such steal.

Editors note: If you happen to be the person in question, please contact me as I would love for you to shuffle through my "SICK" photobucket! I'll give you a horse-head of a deal.

So, who paid more?

The 07 Leaf Limited Vince Young Jsy Auto?
Or the 07 Leaf Limited Earl Campbell Patch Auto?


  1. I'll guess...Vince.

  2. Hey russ, did you notice that your banner says "Cardboard Relux" instead of "Cardboard Reflux"?

    Nice to see you in the cardboard blogging world. I will enjoy reading.

    Holy Hitter

  3. Although it should be the proven HOFer in Cambell, it IS propobably Young

  4. Even though I don't know which went for higher (I'll go Vince as well), and I'll add you to the Sports Card Blogroll, you may want to fix that header of yours. It reads Cardboard Relux instead of ReFlux.


    JayBee Anama

  5. hahaha, you did spell it wrong. Nice dude.

    I obviously guess vince, otherwise the point would be moot.

  6. i would say that the vince went for more...even though that campbell is a lot cooler...

  7. I will be posting the follow-up to this later. Not much I can do here from a Blackberry.

    About the Banner, yeah, I spelled it wrong. And I fired the guy who did it. Then promptly rehired him as I realized that it was me.

  8. That Campbell is sweet, the Vince not so much. But as already said I guess Vince went higher or it'd be a moot point.

  9. Great to see another football card blog - there are enough of the boreball ones.

    Oh, and as much as I would like to say the Campbell to be different, I'm sure it is the Young, and the prices weren't even close!