Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Paid More? This Guy!!

So nobody actually guessed who paid more on this one. But no matter, you would have probably been wrong anyway.

Chad Henne - $825
Fake Vick - $707.95

That's just nuts in my opinion. The Henne is actually justifiable if you have the money and love the Dolphins/Henne/Michigan. I understand. But the Vick? You just dropped a month's rent on a fake patched ex-con. Crazy in these times.

What's crazy about both of these is what you could have with that kind of money. In the middle of these 2 auctions, the card below went for $711.

That's right. One of the only on-card Rookie Autographs of Tom Brady. A 3 Time Super Bowl Champion and a sure-fire HOFamer.

I am in NO way a Brady fan. Especially after the Pats beat the Panthers in their only Super Bowl appearance. But I would LOVE to own this card. It's one to hand to your kids one day.

I will gladly eat my shorts if Henne ever even sniffs a Super Bowl. He has to play in it though. Pennington's backup doesn't count. As for Vick, anyone that hangs and drowns dogs, should be subjected to, but not limited to, eating Shaun Rogers game-used jock.

Am I alone on this one? If so, I have a nice Forte auto patch in the bucket that I will give up for your Walter Payton.


  1. Player collectors (like me) just don't make sense to the rest of the world. I collect University of Houston players, so I'd probably spend more on a Kevin Kolb or Andre Ware than I would for Aikman or Marino.

  2. Well Heel the difference is I can buy a Brady whenever I want. Always available just like Paytons . Again always available... You can't just pick up the 1/1 nfl logo of any player at anytime. Apples and Oranges


  3. Oh yeah BTW Marino never sniffed a Superbowl. Not comparing, but you are not measured by Superbowls in this league if so You might want to pick up a Roethlisberger to hand to your kids too ;)...


  4. ntx, I understand the player collector thing to a degree. I have overpaid for some Jonathan Stewarts and Bowman Sterling Golds this year. Don't know if wheeler is a Henne collector though. Which brings me to his comment.

    wheeler- I have to concede your point on availability. I was speaking off of simple dollar amount, and that side of the case didn't cross my brain. I'll fight you on the Marino though. He was a first ballot guy as well and retired with a load of records.

    I'll leave your Big Ben alone. ;)

  5. Wheeler281-

    Re: Marino - Do you mean he never "sniffed a Super Bowl win" or "never sniffed a Super Bowl" period?

    Marino played in Super Bowl XIX. I would call that "sniffing a Super Bowl."

  6. Well heel you talked me off my ledge. I sold the Henne on ebay. Guy paid 850. After fees I lost 10 bucks but hey I say reflux saved me 815 LOL. No more non Steelers except Steven Jackson ;)


  7. Solid! It will be hard to get more than that with this economy. And if I was a betting man, by the time it turns around, Henne will have already been caught by Chris Hanson on 'To Catch a Predator'.

    And by that time, it will probably just be you and me reading this blog anyway.

  8. Stick with it. They will come :)
    BTW I find the economy has almost no affect on High End cards. In fact non at all...I find the economy excuse for High End card an excuse for buyers. The kids and mid end stuff ok. Zero on the cards I have bought or seen bought. If anything the SATURATION of the market with all the different sub autos like UltImate aDn threads has in fact has brought the market down. Just too damn much crap! They need to slow down. Doom I say.. That is why the High end stuff stays pretty much golden..