Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm'

Welcome to Ebay Shame's Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm' segment. I want to thank C+C Music Factory not for your sponsorship, but for just being the awesome Dance Remixers that you are. Robbie-Rob break it down!

So, let's say you have a nice Calvin Johnson Rookie Auto on your hands. Ahh screw it, let's say your this guy. And your card just ended with no bids at $150 with a BIN of $200. What are your options?

You could:
A) Relist this item for the same type auction and hope to get a better response.

B) Relist this item for $200 with a Best Offer option.

C) Not relist the item and just hold onto it until you feel you can get what you need.

D) Relist with a BIN of $200, but lower the first bid to $130 to try to get some action on it.

E) Say, 'Screw it, it books for $250 and it's a hot rookie, so I'll put it up for a BIN of $180 without an opening bid, even though nobody bit at $150. Sweet.'

At this point, do I really even need to say what this guy did?

I actually emailed him as I collect Calvin Johnson and asked him if he could come down to $125 since nobody bid on $150. I got the following response:
"Sorry, but no. The card lists at $250 and is of a hot rookie"

Let's see what Calvins you can get for well under $180.

There's this SPA 4 Color Patch.
But heck, I don't even know what they book for.

I know I run the risk at sounding bitter. That's not my intent at all. And I am not bitter. I don't even need to spend the paypal. The purpose of these posts are to improve EBay tranquility. I understand that most people on there don't think in terms of business, but rather in terms of emotion. I get it. But if we could just curb some of those feelings, we could make things much more profitable and enjoyable for everyone.

For instance instead of quoting book value, which you know is crap based on your starting/asking price, just be honest and say, 'look, I have $$$ into the card, so I can't take less than $$$." Its that simple. That's what you mean anyway.

Oh, and thanks for informing me of the 'hot rookie' status.

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